Frank Macchia


Wyuna 1.JPG
I design buildings for memorable moments.
— Frank Macchia (Designer)

Frank Macchia Design Studio is a personal and boutique building design practice specialising in various types and scales of residential projects.

The process includes a continual exploration of our individual and collective expectations of the spaces and homes we live in and by challenging these we often create more inspiring solutions that make our day to day living much easier. 



Frank Macchia’s interest in philosophy and human nature ensures that he continually questions the way things are while exploring ways that they could be better. Since graduating with a degree in Architecture over 30 years ago, (and choosing not to register as an architect to remain free from institutional influenced thinking), Frank has developed a strong interest in all aspects of our societies and in particular the way we live in the buildings we create.

Over the years Frank has worked on the design of many buildings including restaurants, cafes & wellness centres, however the bulk of his work and his real passion is in residential architecture. “I love designing homes and am very grateful that clients entrust me to join them in creating the most important building of their lives.”